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A Multilingual Mermaid Music Experience


We are Sea Reinas, two ocean-lovers that unite through music. We compose songs in multiple languages inspired by the ocean, social justice, and the depths of the human experience. Music reaches the heart without knowing what the words mean. By expressing ourselves in different languages, we want to celebrate that we are all one human race and our primary language does not define us. The harmony of our voices creates a vibration and resonance that can be felt by listeners.


Vanessa was raised singing opera. She always felt a sense that there were songs inside of her but never wrote her own music until meeting Chelsea. Chelsea on the other hand is a self-taught musician and prolific songwriter that has always felt the music in her blood. The pair are both multi-lingual and find that different languages allow for deeper expressions of feelings to come through. For this reason they sing in English, Spanish, Italian and Portugese. 

"There is something that Chelsea and Vanessa have together that is so special"

                                                             - Event Santa Cruz

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"The delightful melodies of Sea Reinas evokes a harmonious contrast of passionate emotions. An oceanic flow of multi lingual bliss imparts a profoundly compelling listening experience."

-House Concert Guest

"I sat perfectly still hypnotized by their synchronized beauty, passion, and peacefulness"

-Grown Man Speaks (poet)

Upcoming Shows 

11th Hour Coffee

Santa Cruz, CA


February 21

Come celebrate the release of our 1st Album, Primera Onda!

Enjoy live music from Sea Reinas out in Abbott Square. Grab a tasty meal or delicious beverage in Abbott Square Market. Run into old friends and make new ones in the plaza.

Free to all ages.
Made possible by MAH Members.

6:30-9pmAbbott Square, Santa Cruz


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